COREFX - Ball - Muscle Activator 3"

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Myofascial trigger points are extremely irritable spots in the fascia around skeletal muscle, and are related to deep knots in stiff bands of muscle fibers. The COREFX Muscle Activator features a 3” size massage ball that easily reaches smaller muscle areas, letting you utilize the grooves to shear apart any stiff muscle fibers that have become bunched together.

Sore joints, knots and muscle tension can slow you down. That’s why the COREFX Muscle Activator will provide you with instant muscle relief, through it’s ergonomic design that has been manufactured to increase stimulation and circulation and break up knots to restore mobility!

The COREFX Muscle Activator reaches far into inner muscles & joints to iron out knots, relieve tightness, & and improve circulation. It features a unique, specially designed texture that creates optimal pressure to help with pain relief, physical therapy, myofascial release, and trigger points. The Muscle Activator is great for reflexology, piriformis syndrome, acupressure, mobility, spine and deep tissue massage treatment.

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