Garneau - Lights - Combo Safe Lights

Garneau - Lights - Combo Safe Lights

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A lightweight and waterproof style that's easy to install, this affordable light kit is your SEE ME light par excellence.

Technical Details

  • Light Feature : LED combo kit - Front: 6.6 lumens, white - Rear: 2.5 lumens, red - Handy clips anywhere, great weatherability and long life
  • Light Feature 5: Long-lasting CR2032 batteries included

6.6 lumens white LED light at front and 2.5 lumens red LED light at rear for a handy and easy SEE ME safety light. Resists any weather you throw at it; long-lasting CR2032 batteries included. In steady mode, a running autonomy of 120 hours for the rear red light and 96 hours for the white light. In flash mode, a whopping autonomy of 240 hours for the red light and 192 hours for the white light.

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