GoFit Loop Bands - Pro Power 3 " 3Pack - Multi

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GoFit Pro Power Loops are wider, longer and stronger, giving more resistance for greater gains. Along with Brook Benten’s workout, these simple, yet powerful training tools are an ultra-portable solution to develop and condition your lower pillar of strength. Build stronger, leaner, and more athletic legs, hips and glutes. Look better and perform better for an active, fit life. Train. Recover. Repeat. GoFit.

Pro Power Loop Dimensions: 3" wide by 12" long. (Loops resting diameter is approximately 12".)

• 3 Latex Pro Power Loops: Light (Gold 7.5 LBS), Medium (Purple 15 LBS), Heavy (Green 20 LBS)
• Laminated Training Manual
• Carry Bag 

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