Trace - Water - Mineralized Fulvic-Humic 355ml

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Natural Canadian Alkaline Spring Water enhanced with the goodness of plant-based, fulvic-derived nutrients that date back to the dawn of time. It’s no wonder other waters get a little self conscious in its presence.
Our spring water is sourced directly from our aquifer in the BC interior of Canada. The natural, slow filtration of pristine backcountry rain and melted snow through layers of rock and stone help create Trace’s unique spring water, providing a subtly pure flavour from the dissolved trace minerals.


Fulvic and humic minerals naturally occur in nutrient rich soils and mineral dense rock sediments. Their potential health benefits were first recognized centuries ago.

  • Pure BC alkaline spring water aquifer with a natural +pH7.7
  • Sugar free, calorie free, no sodium, No carbs
  • Contains no artificial flavours, or sugar alcohols
  • Lightly sweetened with truviatm, stevia leaf extract
  • Bottled at source in Bridesville, BC

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