Baden Basketball - Elite Pro

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The Elite Pro is our top-of-the-line game basketball featuring Baden's Perfect Touch Pro premium Japanese microfiber leather cover material. This provides the ideal balance of tack and softness for maximum playability and durability.


The Baden Perfection ElitePro basketball is built from the inside out to honor players that pour everything they have into the game. From the premium nylon winding, to Baden’s propriety perfect bounce rubber core, to our premium Japanese composite leather cover – every detail of the ElitePro is selected to be the best of the best. Baden’s symmetrical panel configuration also gives the player the advantage of dribbling and shooting with the most balanced basketballs on the market. That is why the ElitePro is the choice of high school, college, and pro leagues across the country. The ElitePro is approved by the National Federation of High School associations (NFHS). 

  •  the valve no matter where you touch the ball during play.  
  • Perfect Balance: Our unique symmetrical panel construction spaces out the panels so you’ll get a more even feel anywhere on the ball and it provides a more consistent bounce.  
  • Approved by NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) 
  • For indoor play.  
  • Model # BX7E-PRO (Official Size 7, 29.5")

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