Blu Element Wall Charger Dual USB 3.4A with USB-C Cable Black

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Our Dual USB 3.4A Wall Charger allows for two devices to be charged simultaneously. Now you can Charge your smartphone via the 1 Amp port and your tablet via the 2.4 Amp port at the same time, with a max charging speed of 3.4 Amp overall. It includes a 4 ft removable Type C USB cable, so you can charge/sync your smartphone or tablet.

Key Selling Points
  • Includes a Type-C USB cable (black)
  • Input 110-240V
  • USB #1: 1A output (5W)
  • USB #2: 2.4A rapid output (12W)
  • Charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • Rubberized wall Charger (black)
  • Dual USB port for wide range of devices

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