Concorde Ab Wheel

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The Concorde Ab Wheel is designed for a quiet smooth roll, featuring extra-wide soft foam handles that allows you to carve to the left, right and center.
* Includes extra thick non-slip knee pad so you can workout your abs on the go!

The Ab Wheel is the perfect training equipment for your home gym! Designed to enhance your balance and stability when rolling out to different directions. This motion will help tone all of your abdominal muscles while achieving ultimate muscle definition. 


  • Top Quality: Constructed of strong stainless steel, non-slip rubber and durable PVC. Designed for a safe, comfortable and silent low impact workout, that won’t damage the carpet or wood floor.
  • Easy To Install: The Ab Roller wheel contains one wheel, one stainless steel tube making it very easy to install and disassemble for on the go abs workouts. 
  • Maximum Comfort: Comes with a knee pad, that protects your knees from getting hurt while performing various exercises. The Ab Wheel is made with foam handles to minimize hand fatigue while maximizing grip comfort and control. 

Why You Need It:
If you’re looking for a six pack, look no further. The Ab Roller is the most useful tool to tone and strengthen your entire upper body. 

How It Helps:
The Ab Wheel not only targets your abs but it works the muscles in your lower back, which is needed to build a strong core. This will not only help improve your overall strength but will help decrease your risk of muscular injury. 

What You Can Do With It:
You can perform various exercises with the Ab Roller, with each repetition of the rollout exercise working a variety of muscles targeting your abs, shoulders and back. 

Weight 1.3 lbs 

 Dimensions 10.43 × 9.06 × 2.36 in

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