Concorde Easy-Spin Jump Rope

Concorde Easy-Spin Jump Rope

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The Concorde Easy-Spin Jump Rope is our most popular, professional-grade skipping rope. This fitness equipment features a 9′, non-kink PVC rope with non-slip EVA foam-padded handles designed for maximum rotational speed and smoothness. Includes precision ball bearings for maximum rotation speed and smoothness.


  • High Speed: Designed with serious athletes in mind. Features precision ball bearings allowing for the ultimate rotational speed, resulting in less friction and restrictions when spinning.
  • Anti-Slip Handles: Features advanced EVA foam handles for a firm and comfortable grip.
  • Top Quality: Constructed of a durable non-kink PVC-covered cable for top rotational speed.

Why You Need It:

This Jump Rope is for anyone who is looking for a fast and effective cardio workout. This rope is perfect for the advanced jumpers, looking to shred fat and ramp up their speed.

How It Helps:

This Rope provides lasting durability with a power cable that won’t kink, or snap, while offering you additional grip and extreme rotational speed. This ability to reach extreme speed will help boost your agility and help you shred fat, while building lean muscle.

What You Can Do With It:

The Concorde Easy-Spin Jump Rope is the perfect solution for advanced personal training, sports conditioning and boot camp cardio workouts.Concorde

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