JoyaToes Toe Spreaders

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JoyaToes toe spreaders are made from a comfortable gel material that can be worn throughout the day and during your yoga practice.

  • relax and rejuvenate tired, achy and swollen feet
  • re-align the bones and soft tissue
  • stimulate circulation
  • increase flexibility and strength
  • open the energy channels and revitalizes the body
  • as a foot ailment and bunion corrector

Joy-A-Toes are available in Small and Large, but it's not about your foot size. It's about how much space you have between your toes. Those new to using toe spreaders like Joy-A-Toes should ALWAYS choose the small size.

Start out wearing your Joy-A-Toes 5-20 minutes at a time, 3 times per day. As your feet realign and open, increase how long and how frequently you wear your Joy-A-Toes.

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