Good.Dog.Goods Upcycled Rope Leashes

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Our sustainable dog gear is designed by a trainer to set your dog up to be their goodest self, and live their fullest life.

Danika and Will are the founders of Good Dog Goods, a small business in Victoria on Vancouver Island that sell made to order leashes and long lines made out of repurposed climbing rope. They want to bring sustainability to the pet gear industry.

Made from recycled climbing rope, these leashes are strong, durable, and have a great feel. It's easy to tie a knot to create an extra handle in busier areas, or clip to one of our leash extenders as a hands free walking system that doubles as a long line when needed! These bad boys can handle all your adventures, without breaking the bank. 

Our leashes are made with sturdy snap clips, with options for small and large dogs. This product is not ideal for toy breeds, as the weight of the rope itself is too heavy for the teeny tiny doggos. We use super strong rope clamps, and the hardware is covered with a durable rubber sheath. 

We like the idea of keeping used ropes out of the landfill, sourcing used fabric for our snuffle mats, and continuing to think up new ways to reduce waste and set our dogs, and yours, up to succeed. Thanks for supporting us in our mission to make good goods, for good dogs.

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