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Slip on the Harbinger Women's Power Gloves and take your workout to the next level. Specifically designed for women, they offer specialized hand protection with a precision fit. The new Women’s Power Glove has an updated design that provides an open back hand for a breathable, lightweight, flexible fit. With a fully adjustable wrist closure and built in pull tab, these gloves are easy to slip on to jumpstart your workout and remove when you are done. Use these gloves with free weights, weight machines or any general fitness needs.


These gloves can be washed by hand. Just lather them up with a mild soap, like hand soap or dish soap and then rinse thoroughly in cool water.  Lay them on a towel and pat down to get as much water out as possible without wringing them. Let them air dry by either laying them flat or hanging them up to dry. Make sure they are not in direct sunlight. UV rays can damage the gloves. Wash as often as you want. It is best to allow all strength training gloves to fully dry between uses.

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