Lowry Sports Hockey Tape 36mm x 12m

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Our Pro-Grade Hockey Tape is made from a polyster and cotton blend that delivers amazing durability and performance on the ice. Trusted by professional and amateur hockey players everywhere. Our Pro-Grade hockey tape is Game Tested and Player Approved!
The black & white hockey tape is made specifically for composite hockey sticks. It is a Pro-Grade quality stick tape with an aggressive adhesive backing that ensures that it will stick to the blade. You can easily apply our tape, but it won't fall off easily!  It is a combination of the finest quality polyester and cotton clothes woven together. Lowry Sports offers the best black & white stick tape with maximum durability that can withstand the punishment of today's composite hockey sticks.

Skilled players believe that black tape hide the puck better. In addition, these tapes make it difficult for the opposing team players and the goalie to see the puck clearly; hence, they are used as a camouflage technique. The black tape by Lowry Sports is jet black in colour due to a double-dying process.  Our blend of rubber adhesive can withstand the snow, ice, and water, despite the wear and tear from the stick handling, shooting, and face-offs.
Lowry cloth hockey tape features their Pro grade of tape with a premium grade fabric and a high strand count. This helps ensure durability throughout use and less fraying while being applied.

The tape features a water-resistant coating on the tape which helps reduce snow and ice build-up. A sticky adhesive on the back side of the stick helps the tape stay secure on the blade and shaft of the stick.
  • 36mm x 12m 
  • Made in Canada
  • Price is for individual rolls of tape

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