TriMax Sports Bike Hub Warning Light

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Stay Safe when riding. This easy to use bike light will illuminate your bike to help others notice you as you ride. 
  • Easy Installation:
    This bicycle light is designed for easy installation on the wheel hub, without the need for tools or complicated steps. It quickly and effortlessly enhances the safety and visual appeal of your bicycle.
  • USB Charging:
    The bicycle light supports USB charging, eliminating the need for traditional battery replacement and making it more convenient and eco-friendly. Simply connect it to a power adapter, computer, or portable charger to recharge the light.
  • 6 LED Lights:
    This bicycle light is equipped with 6 high-brightness LED lights, ensuring good visibility on the road and increasing cycling safety, allowing you to ride confidently even in the dark.
  • 7 Color Options:
    The bicycle light offers 7 color options to choose from, allowing you to switch colors according to your preferences or needs. Not only does it enhance riding safety, but it also adds a personalized charm to your bicycle.
  • Energy-Saving and Eco-Friendly:
    LED lights are known for their low power consumption and high efficiency, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. By purchasing this bicycle light, you contribute to a greener environment.

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