Harbinger Ergo Grip Strength Systems

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The Harbinger® Ergo Grip Strength System is uniquely designed for fast and efficient whole hand and individual finger strength building at home or on the go, providing a compact training tool for weight lifters, rock climbers, fitness enthusiasts or musicians. The ergonomic donut shape fits the natural shape of the hand, minimizing the risk of injury, and silicone provides a secure, non-slip surface for excellent control while strengthening the hands and fingers.

The shape is designed to accommodate a range of hand sizes and work well for both men and women. The grips are lightweight and convenient for travel and are also easy to clean.

The Ergo Grip Strength System comes with three grips in different resistance levels, each a different, vibrant color. As hand and finger strength improves, users can progress from the 20-pound resistance grip to 40 and then 60 pounds of resistance.

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