Make Room for Fresh

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February is a great time to take a look in your closets and storage spaces to decide what stays and what goes. It is a time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new and fresh.  

Having clean and organized spaces contributes to a clean and organized mind. A best practice that many people follow is, one item in, one item out. For every item we purchase, we get rid of old items that are no longer useful, no longer fit or perhaps simply no longer bring us joy.

There are may options available when it comes with what to do with the items we are looking to clear out. The more ambitious people will take the time required to sell or donate through the various online platforms available. Donating items to a resell store or dropping items in the donation bins that are strategically placed throughout neighborhoods are other options. Whatever way you choose to clear out of unwanted items, the important thing is that we do it.  

Clearing out of the old and making room for new can be a cathartic experience. It also bring opportunity to allow room for those items that bring us joy.

If you are looking to update your fitness and wellness gear, now is a great time to do it. Oval Sport Store has marked down many items to make room for fresh.

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