Fall into the Light

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Retailers have been faced with unforeseen challenges over the past 18 months as the demand for online shopping continues to increase.

The world shut down due to COVID-19, and that left the retail supply chain faced with challenges like never before. Factory closures, shipping container and material shortages, train delays, wholesale pricing increases, bare minimum retail pricing and limited staffing has left retailers scrambling and the consumer searching.

Humans are resilient: as with most adversities, we have managed to make our way out of the dark and into the light fairly unscathed. That doesn’t mean we don’t have bumps and bruises from our experience with COVID-19. It does mean that we are strong and we will find ways to fix what’s broken, look ahead with hope, and build anew.

As we plan for 2022 and beyond, I am both grateful and hopeful of what is to come. We have worked hard to bring you, the consumer, goods that we are proud of, working in collaboration with resilient partners that we believe in.

We hope you enjoy the fall 2021 line up that we have curated and ask that you keep us in mind as we move into fall and the holiday season and a new year full of possibilities and the next normal.

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